Version 1.4.2 Released

This version ships with bugfixes, features and improvements.

  • Fixed issue where server disk cache settings (in some circumstances) were not being set correctly.
  • Added Network Profiles allowing specific IP blocks/IPs to be used when a server is built. Profiles can bet set within packages and IP blocks.
  • Operating system Cloud-init config Yaml now represents multi-line content as literal blocks.
  • Added filters to IPv4, server and user tables.
  • IPv4 addresses are now listed under their corresponding IP block.
  • User table now displays the number of accessible servers and last login date.
  • IP block table now displays the number of hypervisors and IPv4 assigned.
  • Added build/migrate resource allocation log (Admin -> Logging -> Resource Allocation).
  • Fixed issue when creating a server from the admin interface, an exception was being thrown if a package was not selected.
  • Fixed issue where a server network interface would not adopt the correct default settings.
  • Operating system template updates can now be delivered without relying on a software update.
  • Fixed issue when adding a license key branding removal settings were not honoured until it was next updated.
  • Various enhancements to the admin UI, including an improved sidebar that now shows system alerts (pending/failed tasks, migrations and os template updates) and updated dark modes.
  • VNC and UI websockets now run under the standard 443 port. This only applies to new installations.