Version 1.5.0 Released

This version ships with bugfixes, features and improvements.

  • Fixed issue where a server migration would occasionally throw an exception before completion.
  • Admin area news and version information now uses an improved caching system.
  • VNC passwords are now compatible with Libvirt 8+.
  • Added low level communication logging between control and hypervisors.
  • IPv6 auto allocation now honours network profiles.
  • Fixed issue where an operating system template would show in the Other group if the assigned group was disabled.
  • Operating system template table now links to assigned group and displays the group status.
  • Added Operating System Template Collections for server packages/vms (Admin -> Media -> Template Collections).
  • Added kvm64 & qemu64 as extra Default CPU Mode settings.
  • Fixed an issue where a domain would not be accepted for PowerDNS resource settings.
  • The default miscellaneous template group name and status can now be modified (Admin -> Media -> Template Groups).
  • Various admin UI improvements to dropdowns/sliders.
  • IPv6 block configuration now supports all CIDRs.
  • Fixed an issue with IP block <> hypervisor network database mapping.
  • Added IPv6 allocation logging to the resource allocation log.

Operating System Template Collections allow you to create multiple collections of templates and groups to be assigned to a Package or/and VM. This feature is ideal if you would like to exclude specific templates for specific packages. There is no limit to the amount of collections that can be assigned.