Competitive Pricing

We offer a variety of payment options, including monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and yearly licenses.

Up to 35 servers/hypervisor for $15 USD/month or $18 USD for unlimited.

Our monthly license pricing offers flexibility and convenience for our customers who may prefer to pay on a monthly basis. However, we also offer discounts for those who choose to commit to longer-term licenses. For quarterly licenses, customers can enjoy a 5% discount compared to monthly payments. For those who opt for 6 monthly licenses, we offer a 10% discount. For the most committed customers, our yearly payment option provides the greatest value with a 15% discount.

VirtFusion Web Host Edition
Per Hypervisor Cost (USD) Availability
1 Server $1.50 /month Instant
5 Servers $10.00 /month Instant
35 Servers $15.00 /month Instant
Unlimited Servers $18.00 /month Instant
Per Cluster Cost (USD) Availability
Local Storage FREE Instant
Standard Centralized/Distributed Storage 1 2 FREE Instant
HA/Autoscale Centralized/Distributed Storage 1 $1.00 per TB /month Instant

1. This option is only required for Ceph, Remote Filesystem, StorPool, and Lightbits storage. 
2. This option contains no high availability or auto-scaling features. Live migration is supported. Management of the storage cluster and any related issues caused by the attached storage will incur a service charge if support is required.

Unlimited servers for as low as $50 USD/year per hypervisor.

Our non-commercial licenses are designed solely for personal use and cannot be used commercially under any circumstances. This means that they cannot be used for any business or profit-making purposes, including but not limited to incorporation into any commercial product or service. Non-commercial licenses contain API restrictions and are intended for individual use only and any commercial use would be a violation of our terms of service.

VirtFusion Personal Edition
Per Hypervisor Cost (USD) Availability
Unlimited Servers $50.00 /year Instant
Unlimited Servers $30.00 /6 months Instant

We don’t currently have any active promotions.