Our commercial licenses are designed to be used by companies or individuals to offer virtual server hosting services to customers. The commercial license grants a company or individual the legal right to use the software for commercial purposes, including using it to manage and offer virtual servers to clients and for profit-making purposes.

All commercial licenses legally authorize the licensee to use the software to provide hosting services and generate profits from those services.


Our non-commercial licenses are designed solely for personal use and cannot be used commercially under any circumstances. This means that they cannot be used for any business or profit-making purposes, including but not limited to incorporation into any commercial product or service. Non-commercial licenses are intended for individual use only and any commercial use would be a violation of our terms of service.

We take our product’s commercial restrictions seriously and will take appropriate action to prevent unauthorized commercial use. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with our policies to ensure that our product remains accessible for personal use.

Reporting Abuse
Reporting someone who you suspect is using a non-commercial license in a commercial environment can be a delicate matter, but it is important for us to take action to protect the rights of legitimate license holders.

If you suspect someone is in violation of our licensing terms of service, you may submit a support ticket here and any correspondence will be kept in complete confidence.