About VirtFusion

VirtFusion was founded late 2021 with the mission to build a modern virtual server control platform. Since then, VirtFusion has gone from strength to strength, and hosting providers worldwide have adopted our innovative approach to customer-centric virtual server deployment.

VirtFusion was founded by Phillip Bandelow, the original author of  SolusVM. With over 20 years of experience in the hosting and IT industries and under Phillip’s leadership, VirtFusion has continued to evolve and improve, adding new features and functionality to meet the changing needs of the hosting industry. Today, the platform is used by hosting providers around the world to manage and deploy virtual servers for their customers.

Our Promises


Consistent Updates

VirtFusion understands how each hosting provider can require different tools and functions to provide their customers the best experience.

At VirtFusion we listen to the demand of our customers to stay ahead of the curve with what YOU need.


Knowledgeable Support

VirtFusion has a team of passionate and dedicated support agents who can deliver the high-quality support you deserve!

Our Discord server also boasts a helpful community of likeminded people to discuss all things hosting.



VirtFusion is designed first and foremost for hosting providers comfort. We have ensured VirtFusion has a welcoming, easy to understand and visually appealing interface, not only to impress and satisfy your customers, but also allow you to administrate your virtual servers with ease.