Version 1.4.1 Released

This version ships with bugfixes and improvements.

  • The server build/rebuild email now contains connection information when servers have an IPv6 only address.
  • Increased the verbosity of the task logs. Allowing for better debugging.
  • Improved the user impersonation functionality. Multiple browser tabs can now be used without causing session issues.
  • When migrating a server, the destination hypervisor resource checks would report a not enough resources error for CPU cores when limits were set to 0 (unlimited). All resource checks now honour unlimited resources.
  • The timeout for server builds has been increased for large operating system templates.
  • Power controls could not be used (in admin area) when a server was migrated and was in testing mode. All power controls can now be used once a server has migrated and is pending completion.
  • Windows deployments now use OpenStack network metadata allowing for flexible network configurations.