Version 1.4.0 Released

This version ships with bugfixes, features and improvements.

  • Fixed an issue with the default favicon showing when branding removal is active.
  • Added Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) template. (installable via the template manager).
  • Added a VirtFusion beta version updater (should not be used unless instructed).
  • QEMU guest agent statistics can be viewed from the admin area on a per VM basis (only if the VM has a running agent).
  • Admin Template and Template Group pages have been rewritten in Vue.
  • Added option to a templates settings to automatically enable VNC when a VM is built from template.
  • Rebuilt cloud-init module to support NoCloud & Cloud Drive v2 (Openstack/EC2) configurations.
  • Added support for Windows operating system templates.

In this version, VirtFusion allows you to deploy Windows VMs from prebuilt templates. At this point in time we have supplied the following templates for testing:

  • Windows Server 2019 Standard
  • Windows Server 2019 Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2022 Standard
  • Windows Server 2022 Datacenter

Templates are available for install via the Template Manager. Please note that the first install of a VM using any of the templates will take longer than normal. This is due to the template download procedure on the hypervisor.

Current deployment features include:

  • Automatic static IP assignment of the primary IPv4 address.
  • Automatic filesystem resizing.
  • Cloud-init scripting. (runcmd etc..)
  • Force setting of the Administrator password.

Please report any issues you may encounter with the Windows templates via a support ticket or Discord.