Version 1.2.5 Released

This version ships with bugfixes, features and improvements.

  • Improvements to the hypervisor dhcp service adding stability for virtual servers that rely on dynamically assigned IPv4 addresses.
  • It’s now possible to change the default path and port used by the UI/VNC websocket services (Settings –> Other).
  • Fixed an issue where a virtual server build would fail if no public resolvers were selected.
  • Fixed an issue where a virtual server would fail to delete if an RDNS service was unavailable.
  • Increased the max limit for the Memory value on a server package.
  • Added a slide-out window to the admin UI that shows the latest system scheduled tasks, authentication attempts and emails. (Message icon at the top of the admin sidebar).
  • Improved the virtual server IP Anti-Hijacking functionality. Each virtual server now has its own filter allowing firewall rules to be added on the fly (upcoming feature). This feature also allows whitelisting of IP addresses that are not assigned to the virtual server (VM –> Primary Network –> Configure –> Whitelist).

All updates are currently performed from CLI on the UI server. This update has an optional one time command that is advised to be run after the standard update has finished. Due to the changes made in the new filtering system, existing virtual servers will continue to use the legacy filters until they have rebooted, powered down etc… This optional command will configure all the new filters before any actions are run for a virtual server. This will guarantee the new filters will be used when a server is power cycled.

After running vfcli-ctrl update run vfcli-ctrl server:network-filters rebuild