Version 1.8.0 Testing Build 6 Released

  • Added sticky search filters to server, user & ipv4 table in admin UI.
  • Added option to set the density of the admin ui.
  • Added the ability to apply package settings to an existing VM (upgrade/downgrade).
  • Added change package API endpoint
  • Added VM power control API endpoint
  • Added option to supply qemu command line parameters directly to a VM.
  • Added the ability to set the VM machine type (q35 support) and quantity of PCI ports.
  • Fixed issue where some OS templates would show to end users when disabled.
  • Added VM CPU topology (Sockets/Cores/Threads).
  • VM operating systems (logo, distro & kernel) are now shown in the end user and admin areas if detected via the guest agent.
  • Added the option to set the amount of packet processing queues from a VM network.
  • Template download and VM build system has been rebuilt with progress support.