Version 1.8.0 Testing Build 4 Released

  • Added system schedule log.
  • Added global API log.
  • Added user authentication log.
  • Added global search by VM interface ID.
  • Optimized adding a specific IPv6 subnet to a VM.
  • Added debugging methods to traffic collectors.
  • Operating system template downloads now check for an existing download process.
  • Server builds now do a connection check and verification of the hypervisor software version before proceeding with the build process.
  • Added the option to rebuild hypervisor configurations (Hypervisors -> Selected hypervisors -> Update configuration).
  • Added the ability to rebuild the Local VNC configuration file. (Settings -> General -> VNC configuration).
  • Added vfcli-ctrl update-testing & vfcli-hv update-testing CLI commands.
  • Application dependencies have been updated to their latest versions (framework).