Version 1.6.2 Released

This version ships with bugfixes and improvements.

  • Fixed issue where cloud-init would not set a valid ip configuration for a Windows VM after a migration.
  • Removed MongoDB dependencies on hypervisors.
  • Secondary Network traffic chart now shows if a VM has a secondary network.
  • VMs and hypervisors can now be configured if a VirtFusion license mismatch is detected.
  • Various changes to the end user interface CSS to improve visibility in dark mode.
  • Software updater rebuilt to allow realtime output and per version migrations.
  • Changes to VM network filtering to allow for live firewall rules. (Ready for firewall feature in v1.7).
  • Added scheduler to monitor build logs.

This version contains major changes to the statistics collectors. Updating to this version may take longer than previous versions due to changes being made in the background. Historical statistics will be purged (CPU, memory etc..) except for bandwidth tracking data.

This version also adds support for AlmaLinux 9 and Ubuntu 22.04 hypervisors.