Version 1.6.1 Released

This version ships with bugfixes and improvements.

  • Fixed an issue in server scheduled backups where invalid timestamps would cause a backup to randomly fail.
  • An IPv6 address can now be used as the hypervisor IP.
  • Added CLI command to reset the system credentials used for data transfers.
  • Admin server migration queue now updates correctly on data changes.
  • Exposed the /users/:extRelationId/byExtRelation/resetPassword API route to reset a user password (required by the latest WHMCS module).
  • Various enhancements to the admin UI, including bulk actions for most tables.
  • All application dependencies have been updated to their latest versions (framework).

This version is also compatible with the latest WHMCS module (v2.0) that supports configurable options for a Location selector and IPv4 selector.