Version 2.2.1 Stable Released

  • Added option to show the name/label of a hypervisor a VM resides on to the end user. (Hypervisor -> Display Name)
  • Improved VM power-off functionality. It will now ignore the domain status if the VM has crashed.
  • Increased the amount of queues that can be set on a VM network interface to 40.
  • Fixed issue where the available IPv4 amount would display incorrectly when viewing Hypervisor Resources by group.
  • Added a CLI Server Do Not Destroy (DND) mode that prevents a VM from being deleted, re-installed, ISO mounts and password resets. (
  • Fixed issue where a backup plan would not be set when a new package is applied to a VM.
  • Added the ability to duplicate VM packages.
  • IPv6 reverse DNS zones now support nibble formats starting from a /32.
  • Added new Options button on a hypervisor settings page with the ability to restart libvirtd and flush ebtables.
  • Added hypervisor internal callbacks.