Version 1.9.0 Testing Build 5 Released

  • Added PHP compatibility checker to software updater.
  • Fixed issues with some toggle buttons not working correctly in admin area.
  • Added clock field to VM custom XML elements.
  • Added memory balloon options for VMs (enable/disable, auto deflate, free page reporting).
  • Added CPU tune field to VM custom XML elements (can be used for pinning).
  • Added advanced settings for VMs running Microsoft Windows. Admin -> VM -> Settings -> Microsoft Windows.
  • Added modal alerts when installing/re-install a VM from user area.
  • Added CPU (priority, topology, model), machine type and PCI ports to VM packages.
  • Added Microsoft Windows options to OS templates.
  • Added ability to disable memory ballooning on a per OS template basis.
  • Added new Windows Direct RDP deployment profile to OS template settings (used for new Windows templates).
  • Added Microsoft Windows settings to hypervisor settings (for OS template inheritance).
  • Added optimized Windows templates to template manager.