Version 1.9.0 Testing Build 2 Released

  • Added user session log (System -> User Sessions).
  • Added Hypervisor groups filter and column to hypervisors table.
  • Fixed issue where the IPv6 status was being called twice in the end user area.
  • Added the ability to force IPv6 assignment when a VM is built (Hypervisor -> Force IPv6).
  • Added option to change the name of a VM primary or secondary network interface.
  • Added IPv6 subnet notes.
  • Fixed issue with IPv6 address allocation routine.
  • Fixed issue where the task queue would show tasks for other hypervisors when viewing a specific hypervisor.
  • Added the ability to disable specific emails.
  • Improved traffic limit notifications for administrators.
  • Fixed issue where an operating system logo would show a broken link if no ID was specified.
  • Improved task handling when the system is in maintenance mode.
  • Added the option to trim (sparsify) VM disks.
  • Added support for Google reCAPTCHA v2 “I’m not a robot” and Cloudflare Turnstile (Settings -> General).
  • Added vfcli-ctrl captcha-off CLI command.