Version 1.1.3 Released

This version ships with bugfixes, features and improvements.

– Added actions on server traffic limit. The action can be configured under Configuration -> Settings -> Virtualization -> Server Traffic Management with the ability to configure the directions of traffic to be counted towards the limit (also configurable per hypervisor) and the actions that should be taken when the limit has been reached. Currently, none or throttle network.
– Added server traffic blocks. This allows an admin to give a server extra traffic on a monthly term basis (also covers future months). Ideal for when a server reaches its traffic limit.
– The end user timezone is now automatically detected.
– Simplified the server task list shown to an end user.
– Added the ability to set read I/O, write I/O, read bytes, write bytes for a server disk under Server Packages and a server itself.
– Custom OS template icons (logos) can now be added.