Give your customers what they need!

A clean comprehensive management interface is essential for your customers.

Elegant User Dashboard

VirtFusion sports a clean & elegant customer area. All the customer’s servers are easy to find and simple to manage.

Easy to Install Operating Systems

VirtFusion makes it easy for your customers to install and manage their Linux, Unix & Windows servers with pre-built operating systems via the simple provisioning wizard.

Simple but Intuitive Server Controls

No matter the technical level of the customer, VirtFusion makes it simple to perform all the standard server tasks you’d expect from the control panel.

Install from ISO

VirtFusion doesn’t currently support user-defined ISO but has full support for ISO and user allocated ISO (via admin).

Network & Reverse DNS

VirtFusion supports fully automated reverse DNS for ClouDNS & PowerDNS.

Customers can see a breakdown of their daily traffic usage and set preferred DNS resolvers.