Version 3.0.0 Testing Build 1 Released

  • Added native network filtering.
  • Added the ability to switch a VM disk to a different storage location.
  • Added hypervisor CLI power commands. vfcli-hv server:startvfcli-hv server:stopvfcli-hv server:kill
  • Added searchable filters to the IPv4 table (admin UI).
  • Added the ability to disable a secondary network.
  • Added new auto start routines for VMs after a hypervisor restart.
  • Added the option to switch between IPv4 and IPv6 for VNC connections (Hypervisor settings > VNC Listen Type).
  • Fixed several end user UI translations.
  • Fixed an issue with disaster recovery pruning that uses S3 CommonPrefixes.
  • Added functionality to prevent a hypervisor being removed until any migrations are complete.
  • Fixed an issue with server package duplication not copying the correct template collections.
  • Fixed an issue with template groups and templates not assigning template collections correctly.
  • Updated frontend javascript framework and third party vendors.
  • Updated hypervisor backend framework.