Version 2.3.0 Testing Build 2 Released

  • Added prune support and compression levels to disaster recovery. See for setup instructions. Important The backup layout has changed since build 1. We suggest you empty your bucket/local storage and run a new backup.
  • Added basic task error info for end users when a task fails due to a temporary error.
  • Improved VM destroy functionality.
  • Improved network filter application functionality.
  • Improved VM build task functionality.
  • VM Migrations now do a quick version check before starting.
  • If 2FA is enabled for an account, the VNC window will now reject connections with a 401 HTTP code.
  • Added traditional Chinese language files.
  • IPv4 addresses can now be reserved if already added to a VM.
  • Hypervisor event hooks (server-before-boot, server-after-boot) now run when VMs start after a hypervisor reboot.
  • System backup and backup storage can now use a domain, IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Added VM traffic collection support for network namespaces.