Version 2.2.0 Testing Build 4 Released

  • NAT domain TLD verification files are now automatically downloaded if they don’t exist.
  • Improved additional disk creation and formatting functionality.
  • Added webhook support.
  • Added support for extra CPU flags (including topoext) at hypervisor, operating system template and VM levels.
  • Improved the display of network speeds to end users.
  • Added forwardfor to the HAProxy configuration.
  • Dnsmasq and ISC are now supported for DHCP.
  • OVMF is now bundled to better handle UEFI and custom NVRAM configurations.
  • Cloud-init on.sshkey and on.password run levels have been optimized to speed up authentication activation on operating system templates with long deployment times.
  • Several CSS and Javascript improvements to user/admin interfaces.
  • Added Hook points to VM XML configuration files.