Version 1.7.0 Released

This version ships with bugfixes, features and improvements.

  • Added in panel software updater with optional automatic updates and new version alerts.
  • System backup now uses a single transaction when performing a database backup to prevent table locking.
  • A failed VM sub action can now be deleted from the UI.
  • Fixed issue where additional VM disk formatting would randomly fail on large disks.
  • Added secondary system schedulers (reserved for future use).
  • Queue monitoring has been improved with support for dynamic timeouts.
  • Rebuilt the VM migrator to support additional disks, data compression modes and multiple passes to decrease the overall downtime of a VM.
  • All application dependencies have been updated to their latest versions (framework).
  • Optimized the hypervisor codebase and removed deprecations.
  • Queue workers now auto spawn for heavy workloads.
  • VM backup processes are now exit code and error aware giving better stability to the backup system.
  • Data passed over the UI websocket has been optimized for faster delivery.
  • Windows datacenter templates have been updated and are available from the template manager.